Values and mission

Established in 2000, as a Spin-Off from the Liege University under the name of Phacobel, Astel Medica specialises in probiotics for the pharmaceutical sector.

In perpetual evolution, our company has developed very quickly and even though our current offices were only inaugurated in 2006, we are already planning an expansion in the coming years with new premises. Not only administrative but also, and especially new production lines, in order to satisfy the ever increasing demand for our products. 

The company, Astel Medica, is active in Research & Development, formulation, production and distribution of a range of natural products in domains such as gastroenterology, immunology, gynaecology, rheumatology, paediatrics and cardiology. Our expertise in these products, based on live bacteria, needs no further introduction: since the launch of Probiotical we have continued to offer the best products to health professionals.

Research & Development is the company`s motor which allows us to be at the cutting-edge of technology.

In order to guarantee the best care via the intermediary of a health professional, our products are available in pharmacies.

It is a point of honour to respect our
different values in order to guarantee a
quality product with proven efficacy:


To improve health in a soft, efficient
and natural way. To do that, the
products of the Astel Medica range
have scientifically demonstrated
their efficacy and their safety.


Within the laboratories of Astel Medica
we have available a R&D team as well
as a pharmaceutical department which
work together to develop well-being
and health.

Quality & rigour

The Astel Medica laboratories make
their range in the respect of HACCP
standards (Hazard Analysis Critical
Control Point) that ensure the quality
and control from the production to the
placing on the market of the products.